dimedimples-deactivated20120915: Your blog is dope as fuck tho[: i love it , follow bck <33

will do(:

Anonymous: hi i love your blog!! your pictures are sick, i see you successful photographer good luck! byee

Thank you, means alot (:

Anonymous: who do you love ? if you're not afraid to say her name ?

Paloma Cortess <3

Anonymous: do you like anyone ?

no, i love someone.

Anonymous: im your secret admirer c:

that’s hot (; LOL

denisearlenee: Omfgggggggggggg. You listen to Dom Kennedy ? ~.~ <33333

Yes m’am (:

got all 7 of his projects in my phones, never a day i dont listen to him(:

Anonymous: Are you recently crushing on someone? & if not what are the types of girl you like? (:

I like independent girls who are mature enough to be taken serious. : )

Anonymous: i miss you . .

Who’s this…

Anonymous: I think you're really cute and I have a crush on you ;o

Thats Cute ^.<3